It all seems perfect until you want to kill yourself.
It’s all peachy, rainbows, unicorns and puppies,
until the facade collapses,
until your faults eclipse anything else that may redeem you.
When you want it to be perfect
and the imperfections are too many,
too many to count, too many to take.
When you get carried away, even by mistake,
an unforgivable mistake.
When her happiness is endangered, and you are the cause
that is unforgivable, because you would
take up arms against anything that hurts her,
even if it has to be yourself.
To protect a nation takes sacrifice,
her smile is your world, and it demands sacrifice,
you don’t deserve anything
except burning in your own fires in hell.
So you must die tonight,
and be reborn, try to start at the start
and fail, and die again.


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