Let the bugles play loud,
the warriors are in town
to fight for a land they call their own
which is a desolate dystopian dump
and those who try to make it better, the patriots,
are told to leave the man made borders.
Whose imaginary friends are better,
shall decide life and death, because if yours is formless,
you’ll be beaten to death, in a fight that never happened
for trying to protect the honour of your women.
But that was bound to happen,
in a country where we joke about
someone’s dignity ripped away every thirty minutes.
If your religion truly believes that this,
this horrendous state of affairs is the way to be,
if you care about your cows more than your women,
then maybe scripture got it wrong,
maybe the triple eyed trident wielder could legally rape his wife,
and the cowherd with a flute deserved jail
for loving an older woman.
Maybe our country is born of hatred, and I’m getting it wrong.


6 thoughts on “HINDUstaan

  1. I don’t know you but I read a few of your poems. Whether I’ll come back to WP or not, I don’t know. But I know one thing: Use this to fight whatever your battles are, my friend. Take care.

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      1. Well, whatever you do, remember that the right girl will admit that she’s just as flawed as you and won’t just blame everyone for her situation. It’s taken me years to get here. I hope you understand what I’m saying. And fight fiercely, my friend.

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