I am light, light as a feather, I can fly,
I can float slowly down to the ground,
I don’t need a parachute, I can
slowly drift down to mother earth,
from high up in the sky,
beyond the clouds, in a realm
science has not yet understood for its magic.
And then I plummet, accelerating,
my fate being sealed every second by 9.8 m/s,
I see the ground fast approaching,
the bright blue sky with its magical white clouds
is now grey with magic of the darker kind,
and lightning strikes everywhere,
it just doesn’t give me the quick release.
And then I hit the ground,
a moment I so eagerly anticipated,
forgetting my own unfortunate immortality.
I just want to drown in the puddles around me,
I want to be burned to a crisp by the lightning
I fly again, hoping this time, somehow,
the fall ends it all.


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