All that I see around me is changing.
The world is turning upside down with every 360,
the bright contrast in different colours,
the whole rainbow that once streaked across the sky,
has now dulled to grey-scale,
visible only in black, white, and all the grey in between.
What once was a function of magic and blessings,
where wizards worked with weary fingers,
now can be explained in clear numbers, and logic,
and facts and figures come to be our new friends,
replacing creativity and imagination.
Slowly, all the dreams that I had once nurtured,
so lovingly made the world my own,
anything was possible then, I guess it still is,
but that ‘anything’ has a new defined definition.
Seeing the world in binaries was so much easier,
believing in far-fetched fantasies was so much easier.
It is hard to live in a world
where Superman won’t save you when the demons attack.


2 thoughts on “Maturity

  1. Beautiful. This is why it is so important to focus the mind to notice to positive. As we grow older, our circumstances and responsibilities really do a number on the fantasies we had as children. We have to work overtime to stay hopeful and maintain the notion that anything is possible and our dreams can come true, even if we aren’t little kids anymore

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