We’ve spent nights at the Hotels,
of Heartbreak and the one in California.
We’ve lived on our own, in another broken home,
and sung rhapsodies in Bohemia.

I once went down to the Paradise City,
to meet a sweet child of mine,
she sang with me, I was going crazy,
but now she’s left me cryin’.

We waved goodbye and said hello,
watched angels as they fell.
We’ve all taken the stairway to heaven,
and driven down the highway to hell.

We’ve called out to Jude and to,
you when you were out in the cold.
Dined together on sweet cherry pie,
when by a man the world was sold.

We spoke in innuendos, and gotten by
this crazy little thing called love.
We were livin’ on a prayer, ’cause it’s our life,
hallelujah to the skies above.

We were stars together in a dope show,
and you were my one and only,
we have seen all kinds of people
the beautiful and the lonely.

Lazarus was in heaven, as we heard
Major Tom talk to ground control,
we are still going strong, and will never die,
long live Rock and Roll!


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