I need the drugs to keep me insane
lines and lines of ideological cocaine.
Straight lines are twisted paths,
two and two make five,
I’m craving death or salvation
into oblivion I dive.
Shapes, shapes everywhere
like a child’s playing set,
assembled by a professional architect
live and die for the unpaid debt.
Invictus was a lie and a crime
control is only a punishable dream.
We aren’t masters of any fate
unheard go the screams.
For humanity is already known
to have been evil at inception,
we all must pray for forgiveness,
what we believe in doesn’t matter
but someone hallucinated voices
of a superhuman living in the sky,
and now is determined that after we die,
we all pay for our lies,
and lay in coffins our size.
Because who gives a damn about love
when we can hate in the name of the man above.


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