We all have had imaginary friends
at times when the real kind were
hard to come by, we made them up.
They were our own creation,
sort of like a work of art, or poetry.
We made them just the way we desired,
and they acted just the way we desired.
We never fought, never argued,
we accepted each other as we were.
They were perfect human beings to us,
ideal, despite not being human at all.
The people who don’t fit our vision
of what an ideal being should be
are shunned.
Yet our imaginary friends taught us long ago
The secret to being a perfect person
is simply accepting another’s imperfections.


3 thoughts on “Acceptance

      1. It’s ‘Acceptance’ by Robert Frost. Also, I too wrote one on acceptance (if you’ve read it) and it has a LOT of references to that poem.

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