Death must come to all
it does not discriminate
it is the only guarantee at birth.
The world is so obsessed with death,
the mere thought of it,
sends shivers up one’s spine.
While for some it is sweet release,
for others, it is a foe to fight.
For yet others, a select few,
death is an inevitability, yet not one to be dreaded.
The heart stops, the mind dies, the spirit flies,
but words stay.
Words etched on paper, words typed on screen,
words enshrined in the minds of all those who listen.
A poet writes not with a pen, but with a life.
Parts of the soul are trapped in all these verses,
as verses hold hands to become a poem,
then ten, then fifty, then a hundred,
growing in number until the final gasp.
And in those moments when a cheeky grin,
a careless laugh, or a smile a missed,
these words shall faithfully bring them back.
The candles burn out, but the legacy lives forever.


6 thoughts on “Poets Don’t Die

  1. I tried finding a single line up there to copy and put up in quotes here and tell you how beautiful it was, but that put me in a dilemma because i could not pick a single line as my favorite. Every single line is beautiful up there. Man! you’re gifted.

    Liked by 1 person

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