I wish my days till today had been spent differently,
many desires that now seem too immature,
were left floating desires.
I never got to create my own superhero costume,
had to make do with my tightest t-shirt,
a sellotaped paper symbol on the chest,
and a towel tied around my neck.
I wish I had made the tree house I wanted to,
even though I lived in a flat, in an apartment complex,
in one of the most polluted cities in the world.
I wish I had never been afraid of dogs,
my childhood would have been so much sweeter,
had I just played with the strays
instead of running away from them. Dogs are awesome.
I wish I knew how to live, before the price was my ability to.
Now I am no more a child. I guess it’s sex, drugs, partying
and eventually stocks and petrol prices.


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