Piggy on the railway track,
picking up stones,
down came a whole bunch of,
army surveillance drones.
“Shit!”, said Piggy as he
quickened his search.
Collecting more evidence,
he found the object by the birch.
With radioactive stones
he ran to the labs,
hoping the government won’t know,
that no one will blab.
Piggy was the only one
who’d seen them land,
and the evidence of their existence,
was now in his hand.
But before he could make it
to the safety of four walls,
his phone received a strange
anonymous call.
Suddenly a train appeared,
speeding down the track,
snapping Piggy’s neck
and breaking his back.
Piggy had said on the phone,
that he would lay their secrets bare,
the reply came after his tragic end
“I don’t care.”


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