Alright boys, this must be the last one,
we’ve got to wrap this up.
The editors need the footage,
and this location is freaking me out.
Come on, you know how the shot goes,
the detective has just seen the ghost,
flicks his lighter to see clearly.
The lighter is your cue to enter,
you need to be graceful and scary at the same time,
as my leading lady, I’m sure you can pull it off.
Everyone, quiet on set!
Roll it. And action!

Cut cut cut! Goddamn it what is wrong with you?
Detective, you’re supposed to only look surprised,
don’t forget, you’re character isn’t scared of ghosts.
What? What’s behind me?
Shit! How… what happened?
Is she breathing? Holy shit!
Told you assholes not to select a ‘haunted spot’ for filming.
But no, you cared more about authenticity.
Wait, I think there’s someone there,
behind the third door down to the left.
Check it out. Alright, I’ll go you yellow bellied cowards.
Hey what’s going on he…. SHIT!!!


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