No matter how tiring your days may be,
you always must show your loved one
how much you love and adore them.

Being angry at yourself is stupid,
just like barking at your own reflection,
or chasing your own tail,
but we all do it sometimes,
and that’s okay.

Chase your dreams with all you’ve got,
run after every loud car you see,
don’t think about getting run over,
or how you will catch a huge vehicle,
just pour your heart and soul into the moment.

Be happy with whatever you have,
be it high quality dog biscuits,
or scraps thrown to the strays,
don’t fuss over necessities.

Treasure everything you have found,
be proud of your discoveries,
be it an old rag, or your master’s friend’s sock.

Always be ready to have fun.
Give every challenger a chase.
When life throws obstacles at you,
instead of being morose,
greet them with a drooling mouth and wagging tail.

Finally, to hell with what people say
be happy as you are, do what you want,
be free. It is okay to hump that pillow,
or the guy’s leg.


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