Ladies and gentlemen in this intense
moment, of a movie of the bravery of a soldier
in the unforgiving circumstances of World War 2,
we need a sex scene. Because, butts sell.
Every episode of this particular television series
must have at least fourteen bare breasted women
all hell bent on titillating the viewer.
BOOBS, there, I said it,
not I hope my poem too sells a lot.
When the readership and viewership of any media
is comprised of mainly people with the minds of
horny teenagers, with hormones raging
like a hurricane on Friday night.
Objectifying women was the problem,
thus our glorious media emerged with the solution,
objectifying both genders, with men objectified a little less.
To boobs and butts we add abs, pecks and muscly butts.
Acts of context-less coitus proliferate every form of entertainment.
Her mother died, let’s make her have sex,
his army is losing, he has to have sex,
her home is cursed with a marauding spirit,
who is treated to the visual of her having sex.
Any narrative structure or relevance to the plot
can go to hell.


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