Raja Ram Mohan Roy
went against the majority,
to stop a barbaric practice.
The father of the nation,
and the father of the constitution,
disagreed and debated,
fought tooth and nail,
in London, 1931.
Yet they were equally crucial
to building of this country.
Speaking of Gandhiji,
he disagreed with a majority of the nation,
when chaos ensued
and streets were bathed in the blood of a nation torn in two.
He went against the government,
criticising the partition openly.
The entire constituent assembly was at loggerheads with each other.
But each moment equally contributes
to building this nation.
But when I try to raise my voice,
or voice my opinion,
or disagree with the majority,
disagree with the ones in power,
why am I considered anti national,
and not a patriot?


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