Tick-tock tick-tock,
hear the clock on the wall mock,
hickery dickery dock,
the lights are out the door is locked.

Tick-tock you hear the bell,
ringing you very own death knell,
your soul doesn’t matter, you’re a shell,
your life will always be a living hell.

Hear the door creak, smell the drunkenness,
see the swaying silhouette in the darkness,
feel the blows till you’re rendered senseless,
don’t resist, opposing is useless.

Tick-tock the clock is all you’ve got,
ticking the day away, watching you rot,
count the seconds as the room grows hot,
with him pushing inside you, like it or not.

What right do you have to deny him,
when he offers it, you must satisfy him,
as the days and nights blur and become dim,
And fate takes on a shade more grim.

You’re his wife, his birthright, the victim of his sleaze,
your father has “given you” for him to do as he may please,
free will of a woman is a dangerous disease,
before it’s too late, they must be brought to their knees.

You’re a prostitute, this is your job, no rights to refuse,
any man who pays, you are his to use,
if you don’t like it, that’s no excuse,
if you don’t please the customer, the day’s pay you lose.

You’re his girlfriend, trying to look good at night,
why is your skirt so short, your bra so tight?
Slut, bitch, whore, tramp, you deserve your plight,
above all, you’re a woman
and I am sorry to say,
in this society, you have no rights.


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