So the king called forth the jester,
to fill the court with laughter.
That he would be made rich if he succeeded,
enough to live happily ever after.

The king said “But first you must know,
what all cannot be said,
for if your words anger those in power,
your blood will stain the guillotine red.

You cannot talk about religion,
or anything to do with God above,
or any philosophy, for that matter,
oh, and do not crack any jokes on love.

Must not mention any sexually
explicit words in your humorous discourse.
And nothing that has to do with
wars, politics or finances, of course.

No words should be said on any
obvious hypocrisy you see,
and definitely no juvenile humor,
we should act like adults, mature we should be.

Nothing to do with outdated culture,
of our heritage we must be proud,
and do not mention the outside world,
only jokes about our own crowd.”

The jester with sweaty palms the next day
stood before men in charge of governance.
“Good morning, gentlemen”, said he,
and that was the end of his performance.


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