Let me lower my voice to a whisper,
lest someone hears what I’m about to say.
It is a secret that will challenge everything you know.
In ten days the world is going to end,
because it is the 21st of March,
2+1+3=6, which repeated thrice,
is 666, the evil number, so something incredibly
sinister will be afoot.
While we’re on this topic,
homosexuality, transgenderism, global warming,
they are all ploys of the enemy nation,
to injure our cultural sentiments.
Ghosts, on the other hand, are real.
Numerous sightings which are clearly not hallucinations,
scientifically explained occurrence of false perception,
but ghosts, which are yet to be scientifically proven,
have been reported.
Also, God is real, and he is not just a glorified imaginary friend.
Also, they want you to believe that the state is impartial,
it is clearly biased, because the celestial alignment of planets says so.
To sum up, global warming isn’t real, ghosts are and the world is about to end.


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