How does the mirror you hold up,
reflect the world in my eye?
And when you hold me close,
why can I not help but cry?

Unborn, born, reborn
o life, you were to me,
the rhyme in the lyrics,
to a deep, sonorous melody.

Without saying a word, in perfect silence,
you make poetry of a teary sigh,
yet, when you hold me close,
teardrops still fall from my eye.

We have met before, aeons ago,
in the tales of old.
As the verses there still pull me,
like you, into the emotion’s cold.

A single drop, breathes life into me,
and yet pulls me into the abyss.
Without words as I hear your stories,
of the reincarnate and his lost bliss.

In torrential downpours you have fallen before,
and I call you again to my own sky.
So please hold me close again,
so I may let go and cry.

(Adapted from Bengali, original by Kabir Suman)


The song that this poem is adapted from is called “E Tumi Kemon Tumi.” It is from the Bengali movie “Jaatiswar” which literally translates to “The Reincarnate” or, more accurately, one who remembers his own past life. This song won the singer, Rupankar Bagchi, a National Award. It is the summary of a love story over two different lives, and of two different people. Jaatiswar is a tale of love, friendship and music. This is the URL to the original song :-


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