This poem is about God,
and not at all spiritual, or religious.
Half the readership has been offended.
God. Yes. The old man up above with a flowing beard,
the one who sits on judgement for all your sins,
he knows if you’re naughty or nice.
God, in today’s world, has had to change.
He is a banker.
And now the readership is very offended.
He is tied up in all sorts of transactions.
“God! Please help me pass this exam,
I will feed a hundred poor children.”
“God! If my girlfriend says yes to marriage,
I will climb a mountain barefoot.”
Transactions of wishes.
People just do not know,
you should help those in need
regardless of whether you have anything to gain.
So without asking God to make a deal
(he is God, not the mafia)
work hard for your test,
respect your girlfriend’s wishes,
and feed a hundred poor children regardless
of whether you pass or fail.
God doesn’t want transactions,
but religion does, because it is a business, not God.


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