My hands are clammy, heart racing,
tears on the brink of falling,
in a torrential downpour, in a waterfall,
down my pale face. I shiver.
I shiver as the last light of the WiFi router
blinks once, twice and then is silenced.
A dying man taken off ventilation,
I am getting suffocated, the sky is fifty shades darker.
I think of my friend, my brother,
The Internet, being taken away from me.
Snatched, by ruthless souls who find examinations
and study schedules more important.
I suffer for the sins of those,
who perished in standardised examinations,
with Internet to blame.
But The Internet is my life support.
All the good times spent browsing,
through yet another useless top-ten list.
All those videos of screaming youtubers.
Behind locked doors, do you remember,
dear Internet, the time we spent
watching “educational” videos?
The one thing worth living for is gone,
now I must sink into what I call “depression”.
Which mainly consists of an awful lot of whining.
This is a pretentious cry for help.


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