Oh the sweet sensation of love,
the wind chimes, the bright sun,
the moonlit night, the twilight,
basically listing out times of the day.
The morning, the afternoon,
the day is over too soon.
But I am here to point out a worrying trend,
take this as a warning all teens and young adults,
who have watched too many movies,
have heard too many songs, basically our entire
goddamned generation.
So pay close attention.

Who remembers the beautiful night,
and the first rays of sunlight,
and the joy the ecstasy of being not alone,
the many hours spent on the phone,
juxtaposed with the torture, the sadness,
the pain, the hurt, the madness
when you miss him or her.
Such switching radically between,
various kinds of emotions,
contrary to popular notions,
is a symptom of Bipolar.

But that, unfortunately my friend,
is not the only worrying trend,
which in all pop songs is evident,
and most Oscar winning movies,
besides “The Revenant”.

Moving on to the next contender,
on our list of eye opening facts.
It is awfully clear that the lovee
causes the lover to be distracted.
Constantly being unable to focus,
on the job at hand and
flying fancy free in your
magical fairy-land.
Being agitated waiting every moment,
pacing the room till you burn a hole in the rug.
Not being patient enough to wait for a call,
and getting a hangover from a hug.
This is NOT NORMAL you see,
all of these are signs of ADHD.

Now my strongest argument,
ladies and gentlemen is for this next one.
So please help the sufferers,
they be your friends, daughters or sons.

Thinking that all troubles are gone,
everything is alright,
not being aware of the sleepless nights.
Being on seventh heaven, boy or girl,
in the words of Jack Dawson
thinking they’re “kings of the world.”
To these feelings do not pander,
do not encourage these delusions of grandeur.

The constant need for conversation,
picking up the phone without hesitation,
and for hours being in the same position,
chatting, in a posture that suggests,
a catatonic condition.

Dreams become obsessive,
brain becomes recessive.
Having fantasies of the lover,
hearing their voice constantly.
Seeing them everywhere and
violins playing incessantly.
Sir or Ma’am, you are in a situation,
of auditory and visual hallucination.

Where words were once your biggest strength,
you find yourself at a loss of them,
and fumble through conversations, making no sense
Poverty of speech or “alogia” is your ailment.

Desire to change oneself, loss of interest,
in most activities that used to be fun,
an inability to complete a task,
means “avolition” son.

So before you go to your lovely maiden,
saying “I’ve been in love since I’ve seen ya.”
Please go to the closest therapist,
because adding your symptoms shows,
you have schizophrenia.

You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend,
when you’re in such a state.
You need a therapist my friend,
so get help before it’s too late.


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