My brain is suffocating me,
walls closing in on me,
what is dream, what is reality,
I don’t even care anymore.
Is the shadow walking down the corridor,
am I seeing it or not?
The constant scream in my head,
a piercing screech, a red hot cleaver,
digging into flesh and bone,
bleed me bleed me bleed me.
Vision blurring with the pain,
but the scream keeps getting louder,
try to drown it out, but the music blasting
through my headphones, does not help at all..
I’m tired, need to sleep sleeplessly,
a narcoleptic insomniac, let me be.
Close my eyes, just to rest, the scream has a face,
ghosts from all around closing in on me,
like moths to a flame,
a mesmerizing mania of madness,
bleeding hands clawing their way up my spine,
and the scream just won’t stop.


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