The faces in the window beyond this wall of glass,
they won’t stop laughing at me,
knock knock, who’s there, it’s the voices.
Again they begin clawing at the insides of my mind,
at the walls of what still is left held together,
the voices begin to rip through, like rivers,
coursing through my arteries, as if they were one with my blood,
The voices are here again, to pay me a visit,
to gouge out my eyes and leave me bleeding and no one help,
because they’re all beyond this impenetrable wall of glass,
and do nothing but laugh at me. Their smiles are laced with cyanide,
heart racing, pulse exploding through every ounce of me,
as if I am a balloon, prepared to burst.
Sometimes the voices talk, at others they shriek,
they are shrieking now. They are howling and crying,
they are baying for my blood, which covers the floor,
need to get this mess cleaned up oh my god, I would,
but these fucking voices in my head are pulling the walls of this room closer,
until the only choice left will be to get crushed,
each bone breaking. SNAP SNAP SNAP two hundred and six times,
please stop, please stop, for fuck’s sake, please FUCKING STOP!


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