Eyes wide open, a drop of perspiration,
cascades down his countenance, down his neck,
as the fan his eyes see a silhouette of in the dark,
moves in dizzying circles, a hypnotic trance,
wakefulness nonetheless.
Eyes wide open, a gust of freezing wind blows,
right outside the window, shadows dance on his walls,
like a beast unleashed from hell, the tree bends and straightens,
like the beast in the darkness under his bed,
like the beasts in the world that want him dead.
Eyes wide open, the calendar on the wall to his right,
crossing off days so that the month doesn’t blur into one,
one long period of monotonous chaos,
the red pen red as blood, ink bleeding down the page,
sending shivers up and down his spine.
Eyes wide open, wet thuds grow louder by the second,
getting closer to the bedroom door,
footsteps, without a doubt, closer, closer,
a creak, the wooden door slowly swings open.
The footsteps are now inside the room.
Eyes wide open, shivering, head under the covers,
wake me up from this nightmare, he thinks,
but he is awake. The footsteps must have been his mind playing tricks,
what horrifying spirit would be fooled if you hiding under the covers anyway,
I’m not a child anymore, he thinks, removing the covers from his face,
a dull rasp, “There you are.”
Eyes wide open, the sunlight streams in through the window,
a lone sparrow chirping on the tree, that cast shadows,
on his wall the night before.
Eyes wide open, chest not moving, eyes not blinking,
mouth wide open in a choked scream,
no more shivers, no more fears, no more anything.


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