There is only one shot, no time to prepare, to get there,
nothing’s gonna be fair, to you, crowds are gonna blare,
a spotlight’s gonna glare, it’s a game of truth or dare,
to jump into the lion’s lair, just you a solo player,
everybody just gotta stare, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s you in the air.
While you go make history,
’cause you know that it’s meant to be,
every moment is a possibility, have faith in your ability,
your strength, perseverance, tenacity,
people will call it insanity,
as you Move the Crowd and they call you MC.
The clock’s telling you there ain’t no time,
to waste making this eternal rhyme,
to go and bet on your last dime,
to dream, not do, that’s a goddamned crime,
so don’t sit around, you’re in your prime,
it’s the moment to colour outside the line!

Insanity’s just another word for what they can’t do,
don’t let their negativity get to you.
They’re just jealous, and you know it’s true,
don’t let their hollow insults get to you.

Now close your eyes, and feel the rhythm,
you are the crowd, so feel it with ’em,
time to make the best of the opportunity thrown at you,
This moment is yours, to start again, anew.
It’s time to make ’em feel the heat,
to get ’em up on their feet,
not gonna back down, no hasty retreat,
life is a puzzle, and now it’s complete.
A feast for the eyes, the applause a treat,
now shut up and rhyme along to the beat.


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