In a time when humanity stands united in monotony,
and are all walking in the same direction,
a swirling mass of lives, a crowd, where all identities fuse,
and form a writhing beast that thinks in one way, acts in one way.
The faces lose their individuality, uniqueness has no place.
A river with a current strong, pushing, shoving your thoughts,
so that you cannot dream, you cannot differ, you must always agree.
Until, one day, the fire in your heart blazes too bright,
for you to accept their day and their night,
so you prepare to stand up and fight, make a final stand,
against the crowd that has forced your hand, with no army no marching band,
on the other turf, as you declare war against humanity on their land.
When you decide to live by your own rules, turn in the other direction,
swim against the current, challenge the thoughts of the crowd,
trapped in your mind, trapped by the wings they cut off when you were young,
avenge the injustice, prepare to go down in flames as The Deviant.


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