Life is the worst punishment that can ever be given,
a long, torturous, drawn-out, death sentence.
The first thing you do on leaving your mother’s womb is cry,
and tears stay your companions throughout your life.
Life hurts, it hurts more than the sharpest blade stabbing in the heart,
more than falling from a cliff and not dying.
Life is a series of heartbreaks with slight glimpses of happiness once in a while.
It is chaos, it’s collapsing, the walls are closing on me, smothering, suffocating.
It is a constant chaotic cacophony, a noise filling my brain,
sharp stabs of silent screams which none but I can hear.
But sometimes, when my fingers fly over six strings,
and my voice becomes a lover for the music, dancing in harmony,
sometimes, even though I can see shattered dreams, I can still see the scars,
I can still hear the noise, the unforgiving tears still refuse to leave,
sometimes, when my verse receives tune, then the noise gets drowned out for a while,
the pain stops for a while, I see clearly for a while.
Sometimes, when I sing, everything seems pretty damn close to alright.


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