Open your eyes to another gray day,
Breathe in, breath out in the newfangled way,
This is the final act, the end of the play,
Open the first page and read “Dystopia Today”.

Read of the sky now forever dark with smoke,
read of the voices, beliefs, lungs, throat choked,
read of a circus of a government, a standing joke,
read of bloodstained tradition, red and soaked.

Read of the death of selfless love. Transactions,
no more will poetry live, it is the end of affection,
An incurable virus spreads the fatal infection,
Someone else stands before you in your reflection.

Once the golden bird now crippled with a tattered wing,
Nightingales losing the will to ever again sing.
Why can nobody see that the once bright sun is setting?
Oh wait, I can’t speak about it, only must go on surviving.


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