There is a certain beauty in destruction, from afar
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
A silent raindrop falling, falling and hits the earth
It lays all to waste, a mighty empire annihilated
Enola Gay, Necessary Evil, Great Artiste, do these names mean anything?
For many, they meant the end, fortresses in the sky
destruction in the form of metal birds, preparing for the end.
It began in the west, Manhattan, to be precise
When men discovered they could play God, and God was lost forever,
When the smallest unit of all that exists is played around with,
the end comes closer, as a little boy is prepared to fall
Fall into the arms of an island, and set a city aflame.
But where was God for those poor souls on land?
A mother, a son, a brother, a wife, all burned before they could notice
Blood boils over, skin peels off to reveal black burned shells of humanity.
Hair blazing as fire dances, death arrives before the pain.
A flash of light bright enough to blind every eye.
Is this the earth still, or were they on the sun itself?
Illness beyond repair came next, for generations, children deformed
War has the strangest collateral damage. The costs were too great.
The victors paid with their conscience to have the the other side vanquished.
When men decide to play god, even little boys can destroy millions of lives.


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