The morning sun shines its wretched face,
bringing bright, illuminated darkness once again.
Waking up to die once again, don’t forget to breathe,
this is my duty, wake up to hell on repeat.

Mindless smothering monotony, silently suffocating
teary joyless happiness, a charade I play everyday.
Laugh at me all you want, I know I am not ideal
picture perfect lives a far from reality, dear friend.

I’m too busy breathing to remember how to live,
could you teach me, my dear faithless friend?
I need to learn the nuances of smiles, laughter,
to stop existing and start living once again.

I remember when I once did live, long before
life decided I had lived enough for a lifetime.
I remember when the strums of a guitar crooning,
it made me feel more than numb existence, I felt alive.

Before the time my words lost their rhyme, I lived,
before bloody betrayal and cruel consequences, I lived,
before I needed reason or explanations, I lived,
in short, before life hit me, right between the eyes, I lived.

I know there is time, to go back there once again
I can live, hold my hand and I will live once again,
When music returns, poetry returns, life itself shall return,
And with you, my friend, I will live once again.


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