Let’s begin with a confession,
I hurt myself today, with no intention to kill.
The sensations flooded my veins, colours flashed
Diffusing all else around me
The blade was sharp, glinted in the light
shone like a beautiful twinkling star.
A little press broke every shield nature had given me.
It tore open my skin, my life, my being as well.
A little red rivulet hurt more than it should.
Our own fragility is striking, yet we choose to deny it.
We declare ourselves emperors, yet we can do naught.
A naked blade can cut you open in an instant,
a press can break every bone
A word can send your sanity into an abyss,
a slight tip of the scales can send the whole world
spiraling into chaos, never to see order again.
All is transient, so are we, so is the pain.
My hurt ended with a sting, in a while,
but when I think of how little we really know of true strength,
I want to hurt myself to feel my fragility,
all over again.


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