When do we know that our nightmare,
Is over, never to return?
When do we breathe sighs of relief
Knowing there’s no hurt, blood, burn?

When do we see rainbows and sunshine,
In the open blue sunny sky?
When shall we come to terms with the will
Of nature, which says, everything must die?

Is there even a nightmare, a single event
Tonight, or was there one yesterday?
Will there be one tomorrow as well?
Are we mere mortals anyone to say?

Why is the shadow of doubt looming large,
As I turn to go to the next corridor?
Monsters of sin flash red eyes and feast where,
Blood they ask for, and then ask for more?

Am I the nightmare for you, who fills your head,
with this strange, ungodly, inhuman belief?
Or are they nightmares, who stand in the shadows
Who fill your heart with inexplicable grief?

Is the nightmare the truth, those strange voices,
Screaming, begging, crying, unseen?
Or is the truth the memories of ecstasy, joy
Or the thoughts of all that could have been?

Are we to accept the nightmares and let them
Lead us to all our eventual ruin and demise?
Or do we wait for them to accept us as we are
So we won’t be worthy of pain in their eyes?

Clenching fingers over the heart, wake up, arise,
Open your eyes to the morning sun.
At this point, my dear friend, I can tell from all I
Know, your nightmare has just begun.


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