Amidst the waves of roaring seas,
somewhere far from civilization as we know it,
where desert sands and flowing streams meet,
time lies silent, still, the past forgotten.

Beyond abandoned rifles, bayonets and swords,
across lands bloodied with the lives of murderers,
where throats cry and the tears are deep red,
time lies silent, still, all peace forgotten.

In those silent playgrounds where swings won’t swing,
where instead of laughter, you hear howling winds,
and dark clouds seem to gather on the sunniest days,
time lies silent, still, innocent smiles forgotten.

Near the dark, dreary, abandoned wastelands,
shrouded in a sadness, we have now made our home,
but far from the grey air where we only breathe snow,
time lies silent, still, the Earth forgotten.

Where words have ended and no more can be said,
where pages of letters better lay aflame with hatred,
where it hurts too much to not let go, and clocks cease to tick,
time lies silent, still, a lonely friend forgotten.

And a veil of tears covers the eyes, blurring life,
unseen pain tears apart what sanity still was left in you,
beyond slashed wrists, scarred throats and all that is lost,
time lies silent, still, happiness forever forgotten.


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