Breathe, inhale, exhale, fill your lungs,
the cold air runs through my body as you
run feverishly down your memories to find
the most painful and hurtful ones.

Breathe, inhale, exhale, be careful
lest you let a drop fall from your eye before them.
They must never find that you’re human
hold on to sanity and breathe the pain.

Breathe, inhale, exhale, don’t you dare feel,
rob yourself of the most human sensations.
Those stinging pains, forget them, let them happen
you are stronger than your own scars.

Breathe, inhale, exhale, make it mechanical
you can’t have what they all call emotion.
If your memories hurt you, suffer silently,
smiles clothing to hide stark naked realities.

Breathe, inhale, exhale, till you think like them
when you lose your humanity, you will be accepted.
You are strong if you can hide yourself from them,
as your tears dry up and leave you blind to most things.


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