Close your eyes, listen to the quiet,
as the drifting winds play our song.
Remember the words, spoken in silence,
where every letter is a different shade.

Close your eyes, as the silence sings,
graceful words dancing on her lips,
you can’t hear them now, can you?
You never heard it, our song.

Did we dance to the tuneless music?
You said it was meaningless, the dance,
The birds far away called it heavenly,
though we knew no rhythm, no rhyme.

Our song was never our song, really,
it was always to me, since I am me.
A hopeless romantic, I cared too much,
The song kept me warm when I slept.

I heard the notes playing with each other,
The treble and alto racing against the tenor.
I breathed the soulful wail as the crescendo
reached its sad peak, and the diminuendo began.

You never heard what I called ‘our song’,
Because you can’t hear a song without sound,
but I did, and do even today, and will forever,
The melody of a lifetime, a masterpiece, silence.

The words cannot be spoken aloud, for there are none,
no sheets will ever give the right notes.
The chorus is not sung by any choir known to man,
but they just sang for you and me, a long time ago

Breathe easy the song is over now, I won’t ever hear it,
The final notes acquired a shade of melancholy.
An A, which stood for ‘Away you walked silently’,
And a C, a desperate cry of ‘Come back please’.




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