The lure of solitude beckons,
I find it inescapably attractive,
I know you do too, I know it for sure.
I know because you stay with me here, sadness.

No one can hurt you when you’re alone,
it is in the darkness that there is peace.
No lies, no tears, no blows where it hurts,
Because you’re alone, there is no one to hurt you.

In the absolute quiet of a lonely room,
where I am safe, protected by four walls.
Why does the sadness, even now,
wrap me in its arms, caressing, lovingly.

Why do I fear you sadness, why do I hide?
Is it because you are the only one who is true?
Do I fear those drops making trails down my face?
Or is it the strange pain invading my senses?

But dear sadness, you are a friend, you must be,
a friend must stay true to you, and you do,
and you must love me if you are embracing me so,
your constant company tells me this as well.

But I am afraid of you dear friend, and maybe,
it is best for me to try and hide in my solitude,
but you seem to find me and wrap me in your arms again,
yet I remain afraid of your presence.



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