Sometimes I can vanish, I
possess this superhuman ability.
I can walk through a crowd,
people don’t even pretend to see.

I can hear people talk about them,
him, her, us, you and me.
I know it all but they don’t care,
I am a nonexistent entity.

My smiles look like a wisp of air,
My tears form invisible vapour.
I am superhuman, a spirit,
writing invisible words on some paper.

Each day mirrors the next,
Exact replicas. Breathe, repeat.
Fatigue overpowers my very being,
no time to rest, to take a seat.

Only I know how invisible I
can become. As the gas that catches fire.
The cuts bleeding all over my arms,
tell stories only my mind can sire.

Will you miss me, will anyone,
when I’m gone, but then I know.
You’ve never seen me, I’m me,
superhuman, you’ll never see me go.

Smile me happiness, no one can,
monotony forms such an endless line.
All I need to solve myself,
to save me, is a glass of hemlock wine.

Wine of the gods, wine of men,
wine that can love like no other.
Wine taking me away to where
I’m seen, all men are my brothers.

The Hemlock tastes sweet on my lips,
warm, loving, smile me to die.
You can’t miss someone you never
knew, so farewell, adieu, goodbye.


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