Is it true, before the end,
we’ll be left alone.
A deafening silence fills the
void, and creeps through every bone.

Teary eyes, hoarse whispers,
a knock on the door,
But the silence numbs every sense,
the world isn’t there anymore.

The silence, like a blanket
dulls screams as it smothers,
Voices in a cacophony, lost,
Hear nothing said by another.

Screams condense into a whisper,
a single voice, just one.
While a cigarette is held between two
fingers, and in a hand, a gun.

Reality is a farce, close your eyes,
all that you know shall die,
In a dark suit straitjacket,
a noose in the guise of a tie.

Laboured breaths go in and out,
Thoughts race through your mind.
The silence lets you hear nothing,
A stark, vacuum of emptiness you find.

Teardrops silently trickle down,
Words silently tell a tale.
The silence falls in love with you,
again and again to let you fail.

And as a .38 does pierce your skull,
A final act so violent.
I wish I could tell you, at the end,
The silence makes you silent.


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