It started as a whisper,
Soft and unheard.
A pleasant little sound,
the soft chirp of a bird

Then it grew a little,
and became a lot colder.
Increasing in volume,
as the voice got bolder.

It screamed, it yelled,
with bloodcurdling cries.
It wept, like a mother,
when her son dies.

It told me, with my blood,
to stain the floor red.
It was the voice of a damned,
soul inside my head.

It told me to jump,
off the tallest towers.
It told me to eat
the most poisonous flowers.

It told me to slit my
own throat wide.
It unleashed every evil,
of me that lay inside.

It screamed and cried,
a bloodcurdling yell.
Like a beast unleashed,
from the very depths of hell.

It told me I was a criminal,
the only one to be blamed,
It rushed insanely through,
wild and untamed.

It had to go, to leave,
It couldn’t stay.
I tried my best to,
make it go away.

The answer was unclear,
shrouded in mist.
Frustrated, I made a gash,
right down my wrist.

Satisfied at last it was,
by my suicidal crime.
It yelled, it screamed,
It laughed, one last time.





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